Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fred Hembeck & The Fantastic Four Roast cover

Here's my rough of Fred's Fantastic Four Roast Cover done for Robert Goodin's Covered Blog.
I rearranged the characters and tried to create my own jokes.  I tried to think of it as the same party but with stronger (possibly spiked) booze at the open bar.
            Here's my brush inked cover.  Note the lack of black spotting as I intended on painting it in watercolor.      .
Here's Fred's original....Terry Austin inked it.  I love it.   Interestingly enough, Fred did a couple more versions as commissions with different characters interspersed about.   Check them out at Comic Art Fans here and right here.  Rom Spaceknight even appears on one of them.   Check out Fred's website here.

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hankmyers said...

Hey, I forgot all about this. I had this back then. Can't even remember the contents...