Friday, September 10, 2010

REPANELED BLOG "How to Submit"

Please send all submissions to
Please send me the original panel and your version.
Include a link to your website!

Repaneled is done for fun (no money)….for Art’s sake…as a tribute… make fun of something ....whatever you want it to be.
1.  Try to avoid PARODY
2.  You can recompose the panel if you want….any style is fine.
3.  Splash pages and double-page spreads count as panels.
4.  Hand-lettering is best (in my opinion)….but a computer font is fine.
5.  Keep file sizes smaller: 72 d.pi. and no bigger than 15 inches wide or tall.
6.  You can reproportion the panel if you want (a square can become a rectangle)
7. Please don’t include information, like your website, in your REPANELED image. I’ll   provide a link to your site within the text.
8. PLEASE provide a link to the entry of the comic you have redrawn. That provides me info on the original comic, PLEASE include the name of the writer and artist(s), as well as publisher and year of publication. THANKS!
9. If you would like to sell your original, send me a link where it can be purchased and I will link to it in the text of the post.
10. Comic Strips are fair game (Prince Valiant, Popeye) Avoid gag panels like Far Side.

I'll try and get back to you ASAP as to when it will be posted.

Anthony Vukojevich

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